Product development

Development Process Assistance

We work with you to support your ideas from concept to final stage. We use all available materials you can provide, such as: samples, hand sketches, blue prints, or we often try to come out with our creative solutions. . We do first approach, we do modifications upon request, and we will guide you throughout designing process.

Customized Prototyping - 3D Print, 3D scanning and CNC

Your concept can be seen, touched, and tested. Your idea becomes generated in a computer as a three-dimensional model. This solution gives opportunity to use our ultimate equipment to create physical sample without any die cast making process, which make it done at low cost. There is no room to make mistake by draftsmen in measuring. 3D digitalizing technology transfers exact shape to computer regardless its complicated shape or texture, which is very helpful especially if you need to copy object and you have only limited time. For instance you have punch press die in your tool room for a few days and you need exact drawings, you simply scan object, you may rotate it, and you have 100% accurate digital data to refer back in the future.

Design improvements and modifications

Redefining purpose, making object look better and affordable are only a few things that Your 3D Services may do for you.

Outsourcing Support

If you don’t have physical product yet, we can help to make a prototype or create a computer model. Both mentioned solutions are very important processes in outsourcing where precise deadlines, correct cost estimation, and quality processes are necessary foundations of the successful business. Once having those, your vendor knows exactly what you are looking for and may give very helpful hints about technological or manufacturing difficulties or design adjustment for prior mass production stage. For instance, there are many types of inject molding machines on today’s market and each one has different limits and solutions to a design, which may affect drastically price and quality. Once manufacturer knows what is dealing with, then will give you much more accurate price quote and it will avoid any future technical and financial surprises.

Fit and Assembly Checkups

Imagine you have technical drawings and you are not aware if the product really works. We are able to create that object or assembly and visualize it. Newly generated realistic images will gives you simple answer in terms of workability. You may test it not only for fit but also you can simulate under certain conditions such as load or thermal behavior. Observing change of shape or seeing heat distribution are only a few benefits that you can take your advantage of our services.

Quality Documentation

We help to picture problem and document it for quality reports. For instance, you want to show malfunctioned item to somebody else without having opportunity of sending or moving it. We can copy existing malfunctioned piece in high definition quality and send virtual picture of existing problem. What is more, laser accuracy will copy actual dimensions which allow analysis in real time and gives excellent reference to go back in the future. Moreover, digitalized image can be turned into physical prototype or just exposed desired detail.

Realistic Visualization

We translate your idea to visual presentation. You don’t have to have physical model in the order to show your work. Realistic images of your design might be seen in different coloristic options together with variations of surface texture. Almost alive object might be animated where all features and benefits will be well easily shown and well understood. You can see object or building from each side and also visit interior and exterior space in virtual reality. Thanks to today’s technology you may apply visual and animated media to social network webpage, collate feedbacks and enhance designer-client product quality and mutual communication.

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